Timirantakari Dakini

The name ‘Timirantakari Dakini’ (Sanskrit: तिमिरान्तकरी डाकिनी ), also known as ‘Devi Timiri’ originates from Sanskrit word ‘Timiri’ (तिमिरी) meaning darkness and ‘Antakari’ (अंतकरी) is the one who ends, which means ‘Timirantakari Dakini’ is the Goddess who ends the darkness. In Kula Language, She is known as ‘Nihari Dankani’ (Sanskrit:न्ह्यारी डन्कणी ). ‘Timirantakari Dakini’ is… read more »

Tri Siddhatva Patala

‘Tri Siddhatva Patala’ is the seventh ‘Patala’ of the foundational Granth of Siddha Dharma called ‘Deva Samadhi Tantra’. It is written by Mahasiddha Gana Chakra Nath (महासिद्ध गण चक्र नाथ ). ‘Tri Siddhatva Patala’ is a combination of three words, where ‘Tri’ means three, ‘Siddhatva’ refers to the highest state of enlightenment in the tradition… read more »

Deva Mahayoga

‘Siddha Deva Mahayoga’ is a part of the Granth ‘Deva Samadhi Tantra’ written by Mahasiddha Gana Chakra Nath (महासिद्ध गण चक्र नाथ ). It is the wisdom system within ‘Deva Parampara’ Tradition of Himalayan Siddhas to invoke the ‘Deva Kala’ and to become one with the Mahasiddha/ Guru/ Devi-Devata. ‘Deva Mahayoga’ involves the Dhyan (meditation), Mantra, rituals, prayers, Karmakand,… read more »


Ardha Narishwara is the tantric concept and portrayal of ultimate formless God Param Shiva into two equal halves, the Shiva and the Shakti. Shiva is considered to be the masculine side while Shakti is considered to be the feminine side. Shiva is the epitome of all men while Shakti is of women. As per “Siddha… read more »

Aishwarya Lakshmi

Aishwarya Lakshmi is one of the forms of Mahalakshmi. She is the epitome of the form of goddess Lakshmi who bestows aishwarya (opulence) in all forms, shapes and sizes. Her luxuries and abundance are not only limited to material luxuries and abundance but the inner bliss too. As per Lakshmi tantra, “bliss” is the ultimate… read more »

Pratyangira Devi

Pratyangira is a ferocious goddess who is believed to have the head of a Lion and the body of a woman. She is the goddess of protection and counter attack. She is such a vajra shield that nothing can ever pierce her veil of protection. From time immemorial, she has always been used and invoked… read more »

Mandavya Sara – Dakini Mandarva

Mandarva (Sanskrit Mandāravā, मण्डारवा) (also known as Mandavya Sara/माण्डव्य सारा or Mrittika or Sweta Mrittika or Kuan Rani or kauna Rani) was Siddha Yogini and Dakini who learnt under Siddha Akulish Nath – the head of Vaam and Aghora tradition of Siddha Dharma of Kulluta Mandala (Kaulantak Peeth). She went on to become the chief consort of Padmasambhava, an Ex-Siddha… read more »