Ishaputra Meditating in Himalayan Snow Storm Viral Video

‘Ishaputra Meditating in Himalayan Snow Storm Viral Video’ is a video that WENT VIRAL IN SOCIAL MEDIA where Mahasiddha Ishaputra is seen meditating in the intense snow covered region of Himalayas. This video went viral on social media platforms and mainstream media.
This video is shot in vertical format of aspect ratio 9:16. The video is 58 seconds long.
The video was broadcasted on February 20, 2024 by an independent team of Kaulantak Peeth known as ‘Bhairav Drishti’ Team.

Mahasiddha Ishaputra

The full name of Mahasiddha Ishaputra is Mahayogi Satyendra Nath. Mahasiddha Ishaputra is the ‘Peethadheeshwar’ (head of an ancient spiritual tradition of Himalayan Siddhas) of Kaulantak Peeth, also known as Kulant Peeth. Kaulantak Peeth is the oldest tradition of Himalayan Siddhas and is the supreme centre of wisdom for the different spiritual wisdom systems that originated and nurtured in the Himalayan region.

Mahasiddha Ishaputra is famous since his childhood for his different approach towards doing Sadhna and Tapasya in Himalayas. He is also famous as the ‘Son of Himalayas’ (Himalaya Putra). He learnt different kinds of ancient Vidyas, spiritual traditions, spiritual wisdom systems from His Mahasiddha Gurus, under the lineage of Himalayan Siddhas of Siddha Dharm.

Creation, Broadcast & Initial Reception

This viral video was shot by the team of Kaulantak Peeth known as ‘Bhairav Drishti’ Team. Mahasiddha Ishaputra was appointed as the Peethadheeshwar of Kaulantak Peeth in the year 2000. After four years of appointment of Mahasiddha Ishaputra, i.e in 2004, the team of Kaulantak Peeth held a meeting and constituted a team of dedicated volunteers to make the ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team. The purpose of this team was to document the Sadhna and few aspects of the life of Mahasiddha Ishaputra, who is considered as the epitome of Sadhna and Tapasya by the followers of Siddha Dharm and by the great Peeth- The Kulant Peeth. To preserve the wisdom systems and different ways to do Sadhna, the key decision makers in the Kaulantak Peeth team deemed the necessity of the ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team. Mahasiddha Ishaputra did not agree initially for it because He was against the idea of documenting and videography of the secret aspects of His Sadhna and tradition. But when the key decision makers in Kaulantak Peeth team passed the formation of ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team, as they deemed it fit for the welfare of followers and future of Himalayan Siddha tradition, Mahasiddha Ishaputra agreed to it under certain terms and conditions.

The decision on the ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team was accepted at the end because of the need of the present era. The thought of ‘what I see is what I believe’ dominates the present civilization. Mahasiddha Ishaputra is one of the most accomplished Yogis from the tradition of Himalayan Siddhas. The world only sees the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the accomplishments of Mahasiddha Ishaputra in the spiritual world. The purpose of ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team is to capture the reality of a true Yogi and a Sadhak who has attained the state that the scriptures have talked about, which the world know as the state of Nirvana, Samadhi, enlightenment, Siddhatva and so on. The glimpses of such a Yogi are a necessity for the Sadhaks around the world to be inspired to walk the path of Sanatana Dharm and of the Siddhas.

The ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team relies on their limited resources for their work. This viral video of ‘Ishaputra Meditating in Himalayan Snow Storm’ was shot by one of the members of ‘Bhairav Drishti’ Team- Rahul. Rahul is also a practitioner of Yoga and he wore the necessary woolen clothes and shoes that are made for that difficult terrain and temperature. Rahul shot the video from iPhone 13 Pro max. This video was shot in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh India, on a sacred mountain, in the Saraj valley. The name of the mountain is kept secret because it is considered as the Divine mountain, where the locals believe that a Yogini Goddess lives on that mountain. The local villagers prohibit the entry of outsiders into the sacred space and only very few people are allowed to go to that mountain.


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Mahasiddha Ishaputra belongs to Himalayan Siddha Tradition where there is ‘vidhan’ (system) of doing different Sadhna in the forests, Himalayan Springs, trees and mountains. Therefore, Mahasiddha Ishaputra did Sadhna has been in different sacred spaces of Himalayas since his childhood. Till present times, He does Sadhna throughout the year in the Divine spaces in the Himalayas.

As the Peethadheeshwar of Kaulantak Peeth, Mahasiddha Ishaputra had to do the Sadhna of Bhagwan Shri Swachchanda Bhairava Shiva. From the year 2022, the mantra Sadhna of Mahasiddha Ishaputra began as part of preparation for the Sadhana of Mahadeva Swacchanda Bhairav. The rules of the Sadhna required Mahasiddha Ishaputra not to cut his hair, beard and moustache. In 2023, He left shaving his hair for the purpose of this Sadhna.

During this Sadhna, Mahasiddha Ishaputra took a few of His Bhairavs to the sacred mountains, for a period of one month, to teach them the Yoga techniques under ‘Agni Yoga Sadhna’. Snowfall did not happen in most of the winters of 2023. Mahasiddha Ishaputra and the Bhairavs went into the further heights of these mountains in the last week of January. Mahasiddha Ishaputra sat in deep meditation on the sacred mountain. Suddenly snowfall happened in that region. But the snow fell only for a short duration in intervals. Mahasiddha Ishaputra was in deep meditation, when the snow storm occurred, the snow fell from all directions due to the circular winds blowing on the upper altitude of that mountain.

One of the team members of ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team, Rahul, saw Mahasiddha Ishaputra still deep in meditation in the snow storm. Despite prohibitions, Rahul shot the video of Mahasiddha Ishaputra, from his Iphone when he saw Kaulantak Peethadheeshwar covered in snow. Since the team of ‘Bhairav Drishti’ has special rights, Rahul posted this video on Social Media on February 20, 2023 without giving description of the video.

After posting, the video went viral and raised certain controversies.


When this video went viral on social media and broke the barriers, it reached the people of different countries and cultures. This event inspired different opinions of people worldwide. It raised controversy and different questions. People could not believe that the video was real. They thought that how could a person meditate in extreme temperatures like seen in video. Some people said it was AI generated video. Some simply declined the authenticity of the video. Some even said that the person shown in the video is not alive. While some said that the video is shot in the studio and the ice is fake. While some people also said that the video reel is shot purposefully only for a minute.

Some people said that the motive behind shooting the video is to increase the followers and likes. Some said that the camera person is a great Yogi who shot the video. Some said that a true Yogi does not use a camera. While some asked the motive behind shooting the video. People went to the extent of saying that the ‘Kriya’ being performed is Satanic in nature. Few people said that it is futile to shoot such videos. Some said that the Yogi in this video should sit in a tub full of ice and demonstrate His capacity in front of the public. While some said that it is being done to earn money and fame.

Some speculated that the person in the video is not a person but a statue or a mannequin. Some said that the Yogi shown in the video is too young and he is a white guy. How is it possible? While some said that the Yogi’s hair, beard and moustache all are fake.

Few people said that the Yogi shown is a female who has done make-up and is sitting on the mountain. People questioned that if there’s so much snow, then why the eyelids and eyebrows are not covered in ice. Social media is flooded with such questions and speculations.

When the widespread rumours about Mahasiddha Ishaputra, the Yogi in the video getting sick and being hospitalised went wild, the mainstream media came in forefront and brought the truth to the public. Later some YouTubers and influencers found the truth about the viral video and revealed the whole truth about the video. The individual reporters also helped to bring the truth forward in front of the public.

The ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team said that the purpose behind their work is to inspire the seekers and the Sadhaks who are walking the spiritual road through the path of Yoga and the ones who are following Siddha Dharm of the Himalayan Siddhas (Siddha Dharm is part of Sanatana Dharm). The team wants to convey to the Sadhaks that if one spends enough time doing Sadhna in a difficult environment, everything that seems impossible to normal human eyes is also possible in the world of accomplished Yogis.

Looking at the comments section of this viral video from a critical perspective, one can see that the people are divided in few categories. One group of people are criticising the video purely from ‘Astika’ (Theist) versus ‘Nastika’ (Atheists) perspective. The other group of people comes under the category who are from different religions and are looking at the video from their individual religious viewpoint. Particularly the religions where these kinds of Sadhna do not exist and the logic dominates every other aspect of the spiritual world. While other groups have looked at the video from the scientific viewpoint. Overall the comments incline towards the negative angle and prove that the people in the 21st century are not open to learn new things pertaining to spiritual techniques of the Siddhas.

On one side where the humanity is consuming the content of people doing weird acts like overeating, showing rage, abuse, violence, obscene content and is quiet about it, on the other hand people are shocked to see a Himalayan Yogi sitting in deep meditation in extreme weather. These are two extremes. And the comments prove that the world is not yet ready for the path of Siddhas. The world knows for a fact that Siddhas and Himalayan Yogis exist and they have developed certain capacities and experiences which might look impossible to normal human eyes. In the world of Sanatana Dharm, these capacities are developed through the spiritual energy called Tapa, Ojas and Tejas.

There are examples of Saints, Fakirs, Oracles and other wise people in the history of humanity, who have been and are the living reality, and they have great powers which are deemed as mystical powers and unexplained by modern science.

The purpose behind the protest of Atheists is understandable and can be accepted since they have their own agendas and propaganda behind raising their voice against such realities. If they don’t raise their voice, their purpose won’t be served. While the people who are against Sanatana Dharma, Siddha Dharma and Hindus spread hatred against Hindu saints and Yogis through a well-coordinated ecosystem. There are recent examples of their heinous crimes against the Hindu Sadhus, the most abominable being the Palghar incident where the crowd murdered two Sadhus by beating them to death while they were on the way to the funeral of their Guru.

There are different political parties and people involved who post negative comments having the political agenda hidden behind the hate comments through different accounts.

Yoga Vidya Behind Viral Video

If people knew Mahasiddha Ishaputra as he is in real life, this viral video of him won’t come as a surprise for most people. The ones who know Mahasiddha Ishaputra since his childhood, know that he regularly does Sadhna in the most extreme places of the Himalayan region since tender age.

The evidence in the form of photos and videos of the same is present since the year 2004, that is twenty years of evidence on camera, is available of Him doing Sadhna in the extreme Himalayan regions. Then there is the twenty years of training of Mahasiddha Ishaputra, in the Yoga Vidya and various spiritual sciences and wisdom systems, that he received under the refuge of His Siddha Gurus since he was almost three years in age.

It depends on the nature and requirements of Sadhana, that what kind of clothes and lifestyle Mahasiddha Ishaputra follows in the duration of that Sadhna. As shown in the viral video, he is wearing few clothes while meditating in the snow clad mountains. At many other occasions, while practising Sadhna, Mahasiddha Ishaputra wears only the lower body garment (‘adhovastra’) or just a ‘Langot’.

As many people spread the rumours that after this viral video, Mahasiddha Ishaputra fell sick, or was hospitalised or froze to death, that his hair, moustache and beard are fake are just wild rumours spread by the people filled with hatred for the Yogi and Sanatana Dharm. The truth is out by the fact checkers and the mainstream media that these are just rumours spread by hate mongers. It is well known by the followers, the lovers, the supporters and many news reporters also. Mahasiddha Ishaputra continues to do his Sadhna and other work in the Kulant Peeth (Kaulantak Peeth).

Some people also raised question on the colour of skin that the Yogi in the viral video seems like a white guy. As it is well known that people living in the upper Himalayan regions have lighter complexion in comparison to average Indian skin tone.

Some people also said that there was no snow on the hands and eyelids of the Yogi in the viral video. This question raises the speculations on whether this video was staged. But the camera person said that there was snow on the hands of Mahasiddha Ishaputra which almost melted through his body heat. As told by the ‘Bhairav Drishti’ team, Mahasiddha Ishaputra was practicing ‘Agni Yoga’ in which the heat is generated from within and keeps the body warm enough to survive the extreme cold weather known as ‘Deha Tapan Vidhi’. The video has been shot as it is in the natural condition that nature presented in those moments.

The details of ‘Agni Yoga’ is given in the granth of Himalayan Siddhas called ‘Shweta Meru Kalpa’. It is mentioned in this granth that a Yogi first practices to increase the temperature of his body to stand the extreme cold temperatures. After which, the Yogi practices the technique to decrease the temperature of his outer body but the inner body temperature is maintained during this Sadhna known as ‘Sthir Tapan Vidhi’. Therefore what is seen in this viral video appears extreme to most people, but it is not that difficult for a Yogi.


Seekers of truth should not judge things by looking at the comments of the crowd. They must put in efforts to conduct their own search and find the reality behind things. Some reporters revealed the truth that few people who wrote extremely negative comment have a history of heinous crimes like rape, harassment, child abuse and so on.

If one analyses the comments and the public sentiments around the viral video, it is clear that the world is not ready to accept what Siddhas have to offer. Siddhas are not safe because people are not open for their strange ways to pass on the greater knowledge. It seems that the Government has nothing to do with the safety of Hindu Sadhus, Saints and Yogis. Siddhas mentioned it eons before that this is what is termed as Kaliyuga.

What is Kaliyugi thinking? One simple example is this viral video that if someone is simply meditating where nothing is being said and nothing harmful is done to the environment or any being, yet people have raised great doubts and questions of the Yogi cheating the people. When the people could have simply promoted this video for it shows a Yogi meditating peacefully in Divine Himalayas, where everyone knows that meditation is good for body, mind and Chitta, yet most people made this viral video as the centre of something that implies negative and dark.

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