Lokantar Bhuvan Deeksha is the entry Deeksha for Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Deeksha. Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya encompasses the whole universe because she is called the Goddess of Bhuvanas. Bhuvana means universe and the universe is divided into 14 Bhuvanas in simple words, the universe is composed of 14 Bhuvanas and within each Bhuvana, there are infinite lokas.

In the modern day, Lokas and Bhuvana have been used interchangeably but as per “Siddha Dharma”, Bhuvana comprises Ananta Lokas. For instance, Swarga Loka (Heaven) is one of the Lokas which is not under Bhu (Bhuvana as Plural). Similarly, the 14 Bhuvana comprises infinite Lokas that are mentioned in the scriptures. Analogically, the Bhuvanas can be explained by an orange with multiple layers. The layers of the orange are called Bhuvana, the infinite cells in the layers are the lokas, while the orange is the universe itself and Bhuvaneshwari Devi would be the goddess who owns the orange.

Technically if the universe is orange, we as humans would be residing in one among the infinite cells of a particular layer of orange. The Devatas would be residing in Swarga Loka, the adjacent cell to the cell in which we reside. Similarly, the Daityas and the low-consciousness beings would be residing in the downward adjacent cell to ours. The topmost layer would be Satya Loka or Bhuvana and the most downwards would be Patala Loka. We, humans, would be small components residing inside a particular cell called earth.

So, a question arises as to why should this Deeksha be performed since it talks about the entire universe which is beyond our comprehension. The answer is even simpler to the question, to achieve the state of LOKAMUKTA i.e. not being confined to one particular loka. For instance, we as Humans are confined to earth which falls under Bhu loka and we are locked in it. The Siddhas with mastery over Lokantar Bhuvana frees themselves from 14 Bhuvanas and Ananta Loka. They are then termed LOKAMUKTA SIDDHAS.

Origin of the Lokas and Bhuvana

As per “Himalayan Siddha Tradition”, once when Bhagawan Shiva as Swachhanda Bhairava and Ma Parvati as Kurukulla were conversating about the universe, Ma Kurukulla asks her consort Swachhanda Bhairava about the origin of the universe, the ever-compassionate Swachhanda Bhairava replies to her that when he was in his ultimate non-dual form, he was one and the only existence, he then desired to be many. Ma Kurukulla in the form of Yogamaya became active and then she expanded herself into many forms, especially the Dus Mahavidyas.

He further explains to her that the Mahavidyas played a vital role in forming the creation. When the foundation for the universe was laid down, She expanded herself to the form of Bhuvaneshwari and then she started creating the fourteen Bhuvanas and the infinite lokas.

Fourteen Bhuvanas

As per “Himalayan Siddha Tradition”, the fourteen lokas that are mentioned in the public domain are indeed Fourteen Bhuvana and the rationale behind it is that there are many lokas which aren’t do not fall under any lokas yet they are lokas. For instance, Yama Loka is one of the lokas where the god Yama resides and it falls under Bhu bhuvana. Bhuvana and loka, therefore, are used synonymously. The fourteen bhuvana are as follows: –

1) Bhuloka
2) Bhuvarloka
3) Swargloka
4) Maharloka
5) Janaloka
6) Tapoloka
7) Satyaloka
8) Atala
9) Vitala
10) Sutala
11) Talatala
12) Mahatala
13) Rasatala
14) Patala

There are 5 wisdoms attributed to Lokamukta Siddhas.

The five wisdom systems are as follows,
Loka Bhuvana Siddhi– The mastery over all Lokas and Bhuvanas.
Chetana Siddhi– To take rebirth with the memory of all past births.
Tapa Urja Bandha Siddhi– The tapas (austerities) vary in different Bhuvanas. Through this sadhana, the tapas are equalized in every Bhuvanas.
Lokankula Siddhi– The mastery of all Siddhis of the particular Lokas.


Achieve two-fold purpose

a) Achieve wisdom of Bhuvanas b) Free oneself from the universe.

As per Himalayan Siddha Tradition, a Siddha is a person who has mastered many wisdom forms and art forms propounded by Lord Shiva himself. Siddhas, therefore, follow the joint path of Shiva and Shakti because they view both to be the same. The true aim of Siddhas is to emulate Shiva and be free from this samsara and the universe. The sure way for Siddhas to free themselves from the clutches of the universe is to have mastery over the universe. It is achieved by mastering the gati (velocity) of the universe. Each Bhuvana has their gati therefore to be in resonance with the gati of the Bhuvana is what we call time travel. As per “Siddhas”, time travel can be done inside the mind because we are also a universe in our selves. When one perfects the time, there are various Vigyan (wisdom forms) that become known to the Siddha. They are,

Srishti Vignana

Wisdom related to how the universe was created and where it is heading.

Brahmanda Vigyana

Why does this phenomenon happen in this universe?

Loka Vigyana

The wisdom of all conscious planets is present inside the Bhuvana.

Chetana Vigyana

The span of consciousness from Annamaya to anandamaya kosha.

Anta/Pralaya (Annihilation)

The end of the Bhuvanas and the philosophical study of it.

Kriya Vidya and its significance in Lokantar Bhuvana

As per Himalayan Siddha Dharma, the Ati Kriya Vidya is the secret through which all karma kand happens in this universe. Is it possible for a person to act here on earth and for its effect to be produced elsewhere in the universe? The Siddhas answer positively to this question as they opine through their traditional lineages that it is possible and it can be done through Ati Kriya Vidya. Ati Kriya Vidya is the science through which rituals and Havana work. This 2-day course will deal with Ati Kriya Vidya too.


As per the famous maxims of Himalayan Siddha Tradition, “Tat Pinde yatha Brahmande” which translates to “the pinda and the universe are one and same”. Our body in tantra is referred to as Pinda and the creator created us in such a way that we are the replica of the universe. Therefore, whatever is in the universe is also inside the human body. Our body holds the secret to the universe and that secret is locked in the KULA KUNDALINI chakra.

Kula Kundalini and Lokantar Bhuvana

As per “Himalayan Siddha Tradition”, the human body and the universe are the same. The noumenon and the phenomenon that is in the universe are also in the human body. The universe as per the Sankhya philosophy of Mahasiddha Kapila Muni comprises Prakriti and Purusha, or in tantra, Shiva and Shakti. The Purusha is believed to be the size of a thumb and is eternal and never changing. (Katha Upanishada 1.13) while the Prakriti is the infinite universe. So, from the perspective of the infinite universe the size of Purusha is negligible.

Applying the same analogy, to the human body, the infinite Shakti of the universe can also be found inside the human body but it lies in a dormant state. If a Siddha awakens the Kundalini then the Siddha can travel to any bhuvana inside the human body because everything in the human body except consciousness is Shakti while the consciousness is Shiva himself. For the Siddhas, lokanatara gamana would simply be changing their address.


As per the Himalayan Siddha tradition, the Puranas which are one of the authentic sources of Hindu texts have mentions of Maharishi Narada traveling to the fourteen Bhuvana with ease. This Deeksha is also attributed to Maharishi Narada but was introduced to Kulant tradition through then Kaulantak Peethadhishwara Mahasiddha Ati Loma Nath Ji. The Lokantar Bhuvana wisdom was revived by the great Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath in Kaliyuga.