Surya Sadhana

Bhagawan Surya is the most central figure in the Sanatana tradition. From him, the creation moves forward, through his rays the creation moves forward, and through his absence, the creation is annihilated. The whole creation is dependent upon him for their creation, continual sustenance and to protect the universe from not being extinct. Surya is the energy that is the source of life.

As per “Siddha Dharma”, Surya also plays the most important role in the origin, development, and sustenance of Sanatana culture. The visible sun which is the epitome of Bhagawan Surya is considered to be the manifested god. Siddha Dharma believes that if a novice person doesn’t know how to worship the ultimate unmanifested lord, the person can worship the visible sun as the ultimate lord of the whole existence.

Siddha Dharma also believes that various wisdom has originated from Surya Bhagawan himself. Jyotisha, Ayurveda, Surya Chikitsa, Tantra, Surya Yantra as in the form of a clock, etc are some major wisdom forms that have roots in Bhagawan Surya.


As per “Siddha Dharma”, Bhagawan Surya is considered to be golden in color and his aura is very effulgent and is beyond the power of our eyes to witness the energy. Bhagawan Surya’s effulgence is beyond human comprehension. He is portrayed riding on a chariot with seven white horses. The seven white horses represent the seven main chakras inside the body, It also represents seven rainbow colors hidden inside a golden light.

Siddha Dharma also believes that his chariot is guided by the charioteer Arun. From Arun, the Lal Kitab wisdom also manifested. Furthermore, Bhagawan Surya is portrayed in a very rajas style with the effulgence second to none. He is portrayed with four hands which hold chakra, sank, dharma dhwaja, or flag, and one of his right hands show Abhaya mudra. The chakra in his hand depicts his victory against everything. His power can pierce every negative and dispel them.

Surya and Yoga

As per “Siddha Dharma”, the most vibrant form of yoga that is immensely practiced and perfected by various Himalayan Siddhas is the “Surya Yoga”. Through the use of Surya Yoga, it is believed that the Siddha can live a long life and not be dependent upon other forms of energy.

The Siddha Dharma also believes that Surya Yoga is a wide yoga and within it, there are various sub-yogas inside it. For instance, the term Chandali kriya or yoga is a yoga that is believed to increase body heat is a form of Surya Yoga. Surya Yoga is needed to keep the body hot in the absence of sunlight. Furthermore, Surya Yoga comprises all forms of yoga-related to heat inside the body. Even the power of Jatharagini to break down foods is considered to be one of the vital areas Surya Yoga deals with.

The Siddha Dharma emphasizes Surya Yoga in the form of balance of Surya and Chandra Nadis or psychic channel. The right side channel which is also called the Pingala channel is the domain of Surya Nadi. When Surya Nadi is strong, all the diseases get annihilated inside the body. The immune system regenerates and works powerfully. It destroys all the negative ailments of the body. It is also believed that in the time of fever, the Surya Nadi becomes dominant to increase the body temperature to control the body from foreign ailments and from cold.

As per “Siddha Dharma”, another important scope of Surya Yoga is the Suryabhedi Pranayama which means to activate the Surya Nadi inside the body. Just like there are sun and moon in the sky, similarly, inside our body, there exists Surya and Chandra Nadi. Suryabhedi Pranayama is used to activate the Nadi.

Furthermore, Siddha Dharma, Surya Namaskar is one of the main kriyas of Surya Yoga that helps in keeping the seven chakras or the Surya inside healthy.

Surya and Jyotisha

As per “Siddha Dharma”, the whole Jyotisha i.e. Navagraha Jyotisha, or the nine planets Jyotish system is based on Surya. Surya is considered to be the king of all nine planets. All other planets revolve around the sun to complete their rotation and revolution. This is in turn creates weather like summer, winter, autumn, etc. The period of days and nights, eclipses are also caused by the sun. The months are also calculated by Surya on which particular horoscope it dwells. Therefore, by studying the movement of the sun and its relationship with all other planets, a knowledge system based on logical reasoning which is used to infer predictions called Jyotisha was developed.

As per “Siddha Dharma”, besides prediction Jyotisha which is also called Fajita Jyotisha, there also exists another form of Applied Jyotisha also called Remedial Jyotisha or mainly known as Lal Kitab. The Lal Kitab is based on literature propounded by Arun, the charioteer of Lord Surya. There is numerous scope of Bhagawan Surya in Jyotisha too.

Surya and Kundalini Shakti

As per “Siddha Dharma”, Kundalini Shakti is what comprises the human body. With the aphorism, “tat pinde yatha brahmande” or like matter like the universe. In the generic sense, it implies that whatever is inside the universe is also inside a matter. Just like there is a universal shakti in the universe that is the cause of every phenomenon in the universe, similarly, in the mini-universe i.e. human body, there exists a similar shakti that is the condensed version of the same universal shakti, it lies dormant inside the body. The Shakti when becomes activated moves within the psychic channels called Chakras. There are seven main forms of Chakra inside the human body. The seven chakras can also be called the seven suns inside a human body. When all the suns inside the body are effulgent, the whole body becomes a complete universe and a person then transforms themselves to Shiva.

As per “Siddha Dharma”, Surya is also called the source of Kundalini Shakti because the basic energy of the universe through which all other energies are derived is the energy of the sun. Sun radiates energy and that energy is the cause of the life force in this universe. The trees get their energy from the sun and they store it in their leaves and fruits. The same energy is then eaten by animals and humans. Herbivorous animals feed on leaves and plants, the energy is then transformed into the animal’s body and when humans eat animals, the same energy is transformed into the energy of humans. Therefore, humans have to be dependent upon the sun for their food directly or indirectly. Surya Yogi are those Yogis who have perfected the Surya Nadi through Kundalini kriya and they don’t have to be dependent upon animals and plants’ energy but they directly tap into the source of all energies i.e. solar energy. Therefore, they can survive anywhere without food and only feeding them from sun rays.

Surya and Rasayana

As per “Siddha Dharma”, Rasayana is called alchemy which is wisdom for the transformation of one object to another through the use of rasa which is also known as the element that can cause a phenomenon. The best among the elements is Mercury. Furthermore, Rasayana also uses sunlight to transform things from one form to another. Everything in this universe is energy and everything is energy. The sun’s energy can transform into anything through Ramayana. Our inner secretive bodily alchemy causes the sunlight to change into energy that can be used by the body for sustenance. This is very secretive wisdom that is not revealed to the masses.